Zebra 🦓😄 what stripe in your life is white VS black

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Zebra 🦓😄 what stripe in your life is white VS black

Crazy days in the last week. I don't know what to do, I have absolutely no time to do anything. Things are just darkness.

The first and most important thing at the moment is to paint a portrait on canvas. I have a special order from another country, from India. Why special, because I like to draw for foreigners, they somehow appreciate creativity more than here in Ukraine. Even if we take neighboring Russia, they also value creativity and creative people more. Most of the people in our country regard creativity as just a hobby and nothing serious, although they themselves cannot even draw a triangle. I do not hold a grudge against them, but it seems to me that we are people, especially from the same country, should support each other, and even more so have respect. I cannot say that we do not have people who would not like to hang a picture at home that the artist painted or his portrait, but they devalue manual work, equating it with work that was printed on a simple typewriter.

I appreciate what I have achieved, even in my country there are people who make an order from me, and this is very nice.

I hope that only a white stripe awaits further, well, or colored like a rainbow) And I wish you the same!

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