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Hello my dears! Photos from the beach. How good it is to lie on the beach, hot sand, cool, salty sea water, sun. And also a cool Mojito cocktail. I love mojito, this is my favorite cocktail.

It's just a pity that there are a lot of jellyfish in the sea, I'm afraid, so it was difficult to get into the water. For a couple of days there was a wind that scattered the jellyfish, but then calm again, and the jellyfish returned.

I do not know how dangerous they are, but they are more disgusting to me, I am not pleased to step on or touch them. They are so slippery)

And I really love rest on the beach, you lie in the sun, if it gets hot you can plunge into the sea and buy a cool cocktail.

This hat saved my hair and head from the sun) But they told me that I look like a mushroom in this hat) ahaha. But a very comfortable and cute hat.

It is very cool to sit by the sea itself when the cool waves touch you. Here are just the bottom all in the sand) but it's fixable, you can plunge into the sea and that's it, the sand will wash off. I like that this year there are no algae in the sea, but there are jellyfish. This is the first time I've seen so many jellyfish. Hopefully next summer the jellyfish won't want to swim to the beach.

A wonderful vacation that remains in my heart forever. I love the sea very much and have been looking forward to this trip so much.

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You looking soo beautiful even i stopped scrolling after saw your post.
Now i am gonna follow you on instagram.

glad to hear) I am very pleased) thank you very much ^ - ^

Beautiful, follow me I want us to be friends?

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