Relaxing evening. A film about sharks and delicious food for beer

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Nice evening, delicious food and a movie about sharks)

I love to spend time like that. you can relax, there is nowhere not to rush, just watch a movie, drink beer and eat a delicious snack. I love movies about the sea, sharks, for example the movie "Piranhas", something like that I love.

This time we watched the movie "Deep Blue Sea 3" 2020. I liked it very much. Of course, some moments in films look strange, but I closed my eyes to it and just looked. You will need to look at the first two parts. Only I probably watch the last part and then the first. Although, perhaps I have already seen them, I do not always remember the name of the films, since I have watched a lot of them. Previously, in general, we watched films very often, almost every evening. Less now. In general, I advise you to watch this movie, maybe it's even better than "Jaws".

"Deep Blue Sea 3"

Genre: horror

Country: USA

Year: 2020

We can say a festive table. lol. In general, pistachios and shrimps are expensive here. But we order from the Internet, and we do not buy in the store, there it is much cheaper, 3 or even 4 times. And in taste and freshness it is better than in the supermarket itself. Well, what about watching a movie with seafood and pistachios and even without beer. The beer here is just the same.

I love shrimps very much. They are also very useful)

I love shrimp with lemon juice and dip in sauce. The sauce is the simplest ketchup + mayonnaise. This is my favorite sauce)

Only I see a face here? lol

Pistachios are generally a separate topic, because I love them so much, but we don't buy them often. Because they didn't know before what pistachios could be ordered on the Internet, which are several times cheaper. We ordered half a kilogram of pistachios, now I'm eating them)

In addition, pistachios are very, very useful.

Pistachios contain a lot of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Pistachios contain a large amount of phosphorus, copper and manganese. Plus, magnesium and calcium necessary for our body. And here there are most vitamins B. So this is an expensive pleasure in our country, but very useful and also very tasty.

What a pleasant evening. Which I want to repeat)

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