Have a nice day 🌸

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Hi Hi! Have a nice day 🌸

You are probably already tired of my photos) But now I draw so little. At the moment, I started painting a portrait of a guy from India. I want to make a vivid portrait. I will show you the process whenever possible. But I don't have enough paint to finish the portrait. I am waiting for paints to come to my mail, the colors of which I did not find in our city in art stores. I hope that today or tomorrow I will be able to pick up the paints and continue working with the portrait.

And I also painted a big picture to order, I'll show you soon.

And now just my smile to you)

My Instagram account - dashulya_yakubenko 

My profile on Vkontakte - Dashulya Yakubenko 

My Facebook Profile - Дарья Якубенко


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