You Are A Content Creator - How Anyone Can Be Creative And Beat Writer's Block

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Everyone is creative. I know you are going to roll your eyes but trust me you can be a content creator if you want to be. It can be writing or drawing or photography or singing, there is something that everyone is good at and something everyone is passionate about. That is what is great about a site like Steemit where you can share your talents and maybe make some money from it. It is hard work but you are creating content everyday that you might not even think about. When you take a photo of that sunset of your phone that is content. That hour that you spent talking to your friend about that movie you just saw could be content if you write it down in a concise article. It will take time but you can fit it in your schedule.

Yes You Can Make The Time

I know life can be really busy. You might have to work two jobs or are in school and have an exam next week. But you can always make an hour or two a day to work on something creative. It doesn't have to be your whole day just some photos when you go for a walk. We all know you are spending time on social media, take some of that time and post on a site like Steemit where you can make money from your work instead of give it away for free on other sites. It doesn't have to be a full time job you can post once or twice a week or spend some time working on an article before you go to bed. If you are in school you are already writing a ton anyways, bring some of those skills to Steemit.

There Is A Lot You Can Post About
And when I say we are all content creators I mean it. Maybe you are a foodie who likes to try new restaurants. You can take photos of the the special and write a review about it. Or tell us how the last new action movie was. Share photos of your city or write a short story on your spare time. With a phone in your pocket you are constantly making content. It is the same with the knowledge that you are acquiring everyday. Why sit on it when you can post it on a site like Steemit and maybe make some money.

Have writers block? Here is some ideas of what you can post about:

1.) A funny story about your day

2.) Your dreams and goals

3.) Gardening tips

4.) Gameplay footage and tips

5.) Your photography

6.) A vlog about your life

7.) Video game reviews

8.) Movie reviews

9.) Recipes

10.) Tech tips

11.) Poetry

12.) Short stories

13.) Chapters of your novel

14.) Selfies

15.) Home décor tips with photos

16.) Fashion advice

17.) Dating advice

18.) Your vacation

19.) Your city

20.) Jokes

You Don't Need To Be A Full Time Content Creator But The Opportunity Is There

Now it is not easy to be a full time content creator. It does not matter what type of content you choose to create there will be a lot of competition out there and you will need to put in a lot of hours to stay at the top of the game. And by a lot of hours I mean more than you would a regular 9-5 job. You will not see a lot of sunlight some days as you are hunched over a laptop. But you don't have to wear pants for most of it so that is the trade of

But you don't need to be the next viral star to be a content creator. One or two articles a week on Steemit that you share with your friends can add up over time. And the best part is you can literally come and go as you please. If you have a day off you can work on and post several articles or photos in day or you can disappear for literally years and come back to your work. You do not have to stress about it. It is there when you want to work on it.

In conclusion you do not need to go out of your way to be a content creator, you are already a creative person with an interesting life, just bring that to a site like Steemit. It is a good way to make some extra money and you never know the audience you might find.



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