It's a "lock your kid in the boot and clean your car" type of day....

in GEMS3 years ago


The title of the blog kind of says it all..... I've got a much needed day off work, so to keep my busy and give Mrs W a rest, 1/2pint is going to help me clean my car.


To keep 1/2pint busy and distracted from letting off the handbreak, I have him a make shift snack box to try and keep his hands off the gear stick, radio and other bits he could break.


With a splish, splash and a splosh, one clean car.... One empty snack box..... And a happy child


Now off to do Mrs W's car before starting on the interior!


welshstacker, you're on fire, what's your secret? i'm powering down and moving operations to hive. peace

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Always doing something in open air! Very good!

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Excellent cleaning my friend, now you can come over to the States and clean mine!🤗

aah! seems like the kid is also enjoying the splash...Nice post mate so original.

Cute boy :)

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