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The faker you are, the more successful you can be

I was just so getting myself into design lately so I have been taking courses, watching videos and something like, spend the whole entire day today doing some assignment from one of the courses I took.

Design a website and mobile app using Adobe XD

XD is one of a few popular web design tools out there and it's the first one I chose to learn for literally no reasons. I have done a casual assignment along the course before and this one is the new final project.

Project: Roar Bikes is a manufacturer of small run, contemporary bicycles sold exclusively from their own website. Roar Bikes currently have 3 models of bike to purchase (Siamese, Sphynx, Bengal which are all cat breeds)

User: Jake is a graphic designer for a large design agency in Los Angles. Jake prides himself on having strange & interesting versions of everyone else everyday objects. His shoes are hand made & his backpack is pink. He likes to make his purchase (big or small) from local responsible craftspeople. He doesn’t own a car. He always brings a reusable cup to the coffee NEEDS shop. Jake cycles to work and wants his bicycle to be practical but unique.

Browse the site here! (Not done yet)

Literally 7 in the morning till 11 at night and this is it for now. It really takes time! A lot of time!

I picked a very blue color with some orange-ish, gray, black and white. Just imagine what Jake would like. Lobster font makes it a bit unique but still pretty neat and easy to read - Paired with the basic Roboto.

Screen Shot 25630518 at 22.11.25.png

Screen Shot 25630518 at 22.09.45.png

Screen Shot 25630518 at 22.09.53.png

Screen Shot 25630518 at 22.10.03.png

Browse the site here! It's not completely done yet. I still want to fix a lot more. Feedback is always appreciated <3

I'm not that good at it just YET. Still a long way to go but..

Wait, almost forgot. I just finished watching this video a bit ago. He talks about design job and I found it quite funny and so true so...

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Hey, what an interesting experience, @waybeyonspadthai! I was struck by your description of this website. Behind the world of design there is a fascinating world! I'm going to watch the video calmly. I'm sure it will be productive. Greetings