"When Corona Ends"- I Will Do Social Work for Creating Social Awareness With Wall Painting

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When will you stop, where you end up, what will you be destroyed by, The cruel game of death you are playing with human beings, So I can see your destruction in my dream #COVID-19.

Going Back to our normal life means a planet without COVID-19, it will be quite difficult but one day there will not more COVID-19 on our beloved planet. It's not my dream but I believe It from my heart and also believe that the day is not so far. It's just a matter of time, till then we have to keep patience with a very strong mentality. If we lose our confidence, if we lose our patience we will be defeated by the killing machine COVID-19.


So there has no time to worry about it, it's time to encourage ourselves, it's time to encourage others. "When Corona Ends" an initiative by @theycallmedan could be such kind of inspiration for us. There will no more fear of Coronavirus as soon as possible so let's make your plan quickly what you are going to do When Corona Ends.

What I Will Do When Corona Ends:

Maybe we will win the war in exchange for millions of lives. Our lifestyle, social system, and the economy will be severely damaged. We may have to struggle a lot to get our normal situation. If we try to improve our own situation by our-self, our society, our country, and the whole world can return to normalcy. We have to do our best from our Ends When the Corona Ends.


Social Work for Creating Social Awareness With My Painting:

I will able to go back to normal life I determined that firstly I will do some social work for creating public awareness. Because The COVID-19 will never vanish from our earth. If we are able to the vaccine for prevention and the medicine for the cure It will be great news for us. Otherwise, without public awareness, It will quite difficult to destroy COVID-19 From our planet. So I decided If the present situation becomes normal and when the curfew and lockdown closed and When the School will be opened. I will visit my native. There was more than 56 Government Primary School. I will visit every Primary School and I will make awareness related to wall paint such as how to wash hands, washing hands after the toilet, washing hands before eating, wearing a mask e.t.c with the help of School teachers and I will try to counsel the Students how to they will safe from COVID-19 and from any kind of germs and virus.


Open An Art School:

I'm the first student of Fine Arts from our native village When I used to visit my native village Some little boys and girls become very excited, after school, they come to my house and always asked me to teach them how to drawing and painting. I feel very happy to teach them, So If I will able to go back to my normal life once again and I will able to fulfill the first desire job I have to stay in my native village for more than one month. So In the afternoon, I will free, So I decided to open a temporary art School in my native to teach art to the student of my native village. There will no problem with the classroom because there is a high school in my native village beside my house. I hope it will help the village student for building an interest in the arts.


Travel any Tropical Forest:

I have a little bit of confusion about this task because there will be a probability It can be replaced by my first job. Whatever I'm a great lover of nature because I love to capture Birds photography and it's is my hobby. I will visit a tropical Forest for my refreshment and for capturing some beautiful pictures of Birds.

Really I'm feeling so good setting my Corona after plans. It's really working, It really increasing my self-confidence and making me more strong being alive. Just try to set a Nobel job for after the corona crisis Hope It will help you more than anything.

Thanks for being with me and thanks for supporting me a lot.

Every Photo Shoot by Nikkon D-3500
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