My Quarantine Challenge- Make Sure Best Uses of My Time

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My Dear Creative Steemians, I hope you are all well by the Grace of Almighty Creator.

There has no doubt about the Dark COVID-19 changes the way of living, #COVID-19 forced us to choose Quarantine life for us. This is a very sensitive time for each and every one. We have to ensure the best safety for us and for our family members. Have to ensure the proper social distance.


Bowring, Frustration, Annoyance, fear of death, fear of being affected by COVID-19 can poison our mind ‍and heart. Thanks, @anomadsoul for such kind of intiative. This not only an initiative, but it's also a great idea to encourage the people, to increase our self-confidence, to develop our skills, to achieve our ultimate goal, to accept more challenge for life, to fulfil our dreams and ambition.


In my previous post, I told you about My Quarantine Story, I'm not wasting my time by watching television, by Facebooking, by watching movies, playing video games, by chatting with friends. I already set my goals for my quarantine life and still working on it. But this high time for setting another goal and accepting a new challenge, I feel this the proper time for me to revive my asleep dreams and the proper time for working hard for my ultimate ambition.


  1. Completing Goutam Buddha Sculpture in the premises of the monastery of Buddhist Monks at Mirashorai, Chittagong.
  2. Making 2 Drawing on the theme of Coronavirus and life.
  3. Practicing My Z-Brush 3D modeling software.
  4. Practicing Adobe lightroom Photo Editing for Editing my Captured photography.
  5. Creating Some very attractive blogs for HIVE Blockchain.



My Quarantine Challenge is making the sure best use of my times for my quarantine Goals that I can achieve every goal. I Set only four goals for my quarantine life and those goals are not very new for me. I working for those goals for a long time. The first one is a work that I accept as a big challenge for spending my quarantine time and the other three are my ultimate goals for my life and for my better career because those three are related to developing my skills and self-confidence.

Schedule For My First Goal:

I'm working so hard to build a Sculpture of Gautam Buddhist for a Monks Society in Mirashorai, Chittagong. On February 15th the head of this Monks society was met with me and requested me to build a Buddhist Sculpture on their Monastery Premises. I was decided to make this in my quarantine time. So I Came to their monastery on 25th February. And Still, I'm working on it.


I finished one third percent work of this sculpture and I am very confident I can finish this work within 13th April If I worked daily 8 hours. Every day I used to get up from my bed at 8 am. After having my breakfast I started my work at 9 am. I was already made a schedule for making this Buddhist Sculpture. I worked form 9 am to 6 pm and completing this task is a great challenge for me, because most of the time we doing that kind of work with our team. But I invited some of my friends for working with me but they did not show any interest in doing this work for the present condition of our country.

Schedule For My Second Goal:

Drawing is my passion, I draw my dreams on my canvas. If you want to see my best drawing you can visit my profile. Always I'm trying to draw something based on any theme. Human civilization never faces such kind of worst situation, The Coronavirus and our present quarantine lifestyle is a great theme for my drawing. I want to draw the Coronavirus image with my theme.


That was not my pre-planned goal. I set this goal today. I like drawing on my canvas in the middle of the night when everything becomes silent. I want to finish my two drawing on 13th March so I have to spend more than one hour on my canvas. Every day from 10 pm to 11 pm I will spend my time with my canvas.

Schedule For My Third Goal:

This is my regular works, I'm practicing Z-brush for more than 3 years. Every day I used to practice it for my regular work. Because I have made a 3D module for each and every sculpture design. So every day I have to spend some time with Z-brush for creating a new module. In my quarantine Life, I want to spend more two hours developing my skills on Z-brush and the time is from 7 pm to 9 pm.


Schedule For My Fourth and Fifth Goal:

Photography is my hobby and dream. I want to be a very good wildlife photographer and I love to capture the Birds photography. Sometimes I used to visit the various tropical forest in Bangladesh and try to capture Birds photography and Most of the time I used to spend some time Editing those pictures on Adobe Lightroom. I Edit my photo and try to make an #HIVE Blogs on it. I won't spend the rest of the time to Editing my photography and creating some attractive HIVE Blogs.

Here I'm going to present my post with some of my Birds photography Instead of my post related photography, I hope It will be more attractive for you all.


My ultimate dreams are achieved a very creative and skills career, So everything Is only for that and I believed that I'm on the track. Just praying for everyone's support and good wishes.

If you are still not set your goals for your quarantine life please set your goal as soon as possible, after setting your goals I hope Your quarantine will be the best time in your life.

Thanks for reading. Stay at home and Steem On.


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