Lesson From Verditer flycatcher With Beautiful Photography

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My dear Creative Steemians, Thanks to Almighty creator keeping us safe and alive. Nature is always a good teacher. Every creation of our Almighty Creator for the betterment of our human civilization. Going back to nature is the best solution for every crisis. I strongly believe that the most appropriate solution to get rid of the deadly COVID-19 it's still hidden in our beautiful nature.


Let's have a very meaningful Story, Once there was a prophet and in his period destructive pestilence was introduced by the Almighty Creator to punish the bad people. But for this crisis, good people also died, being so much angry the prophet wants to talk with the Almighty creator. Creator responds to him and asked to tell me what you want to know, then the prophet asked the creator you give the crisis to punish the bad people but besides the people, many good people are dying. Why you are doing this? What is wrong with the good people?


The Almighty creator didn't feel interested to reply, he became silent. Certainly, a very poisonous ant bite the prophet, he feeling so pain in his leg and he became so angry and kill all the ant with his another leg. When he feeling quite better then he asked the creator why you are not answering my question. Then the creator tells him only one ant bite you, why you kill all the ant. You are my creation if you can show your angriness such way, what about me! Then the prophet able to understand.


This the way of giving us a message using the nature of our Almighty Creator. COVID-19 could be such kind of crisis for us. Our creator wants to punish some bad people but to punish some bad people we are all are punished by him. So what we should do at this moment, we should try to find out the related message from our nature, for saving our life. We should find out the real motivation from our nature. Otherwise, It will be so difficult to survive.


Verditer flycatcher is one of the most beautiful birds on earth. Mostly it's found in South Asia. It's very popular for its very attractive colorful body. It has very sharp eyes and it can fly very fast. From this bird, I pick two very important messages.

Patience & Timing:

Most of the flycatchers used to eat Insect but eating insect processes is quite different from other birds. They normally don't eat dead insects. They eat those insects who are used to fly in the air. Flycatchers catch those insects in the air by their lip. It is a very difficult one, catching something on the air need very perfect timing. Every Flycatcher waits and waits for flying insects on the air. Without patience, it's quite impossible. Not only that they have to show their patience for the perfect timing to catch the insects.

In this running situation, we just need a lot of patience. Without patience, we can not win this war. Having patience we have to wait for the proper timing and this is very important. If we are unable to make sure the proper timing of going back to our regular life, this is very possible we will lose millions of life for our wrong timing.


Sharp Vision:

Finding out the perfect food on the air and catching them from a perfect angle, without a very sharp vision this is quite impossible. But Flycatcher doing this very easily. Because their vision is so clear and very sharp.

In present being alive is our only vision, we should make it very sharp with our conciliarity, patience, knowledge, and confidence. Otherwise, we will lose our valuable life. So make sure your vision is so sharp.

Thanks for reading I hope this two message will help you all to get motivated for surviving with COVID-19.

Every Photo Shoot by Nikkon D-3500
Edit In: Adobe Lightroom.

I'm a student and Photography Is my hobby, I just spend a huge amount on making a tour for capturing photos and everything is for creating my #STEEM and #HIVE Blogs and there is no other intension. I'm not getting my expected support from my blogs. So I'm asking for support from you all that I can continue my photography.

You Can support my work by delegating #STEEM and #HIVE or by donating #STEEM & #HIVE through my @uttambarman (Both Steem and Hive account).

Thanks for being with me and for supporting me. Stay Home and Stay Safe.


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