Poetry: Our World Today

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The eyes no longer sees the heart

The eyes see beauty and love

But the heart isn't, pleased

There is something wrong the doubtful spirit always says

Trust is now olden

Backbiting and distrust is now the norm

Fear of leaving

For we don't know who will conspire against us

When we leave to our destination

We become the topic to be seated about

Talked, mocked and betrayed in the gathering

Our pet love us

Then our fellow humans

We have failed as a Homosapien

Lower animals have more conscience than us

A dog will defend man from a burning fire

But we will push ourselves in a burning fire

Hearing our second scream in pains

As we toast a glass of wine to the air

For we have thrown humanity into the wind

And gladly embrace inhumanity

For we seek vengeance rather than justice

We spill blood to gain power

We ignore the tears of children

As we slay their parents down

We turn deaf ears on the pleas from the low lives

We seat upon them

Party on their tears and pain.

For we are humans but inhumane

attention: cover image is a property of pixabay.com


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