Mild depression is real if you lose an almost finished content meant for your blog.

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I feel pained writing this post because the first inspired version of it got lost in my draft. I don't know how it happened as this is not the first time I write with google docs if I briskly exit the app if something exigent requires my immediate attention.

I was halfway in completing this post when I initially started writing after a three days break but shockingly when I tried to continue from where I stopped after being called by my dad to run an errand for him, I just couldn't find the document with my content.

At first I assumed it was a glitch, I almost went to restart my device but something glistened within my thoughts by tossing in a salient question on how the app draft function works.

When I couldn't provide the appropriate answer within myself; I had to admit I didn't really follow the protocol required to save my unfinished work. Actually while typing behind the keyboard, it is advisable to toggle on your internet data so that every progress is automatically saved as draft.

Back in the days I usually used the on-chain feature for writing posts but after coming across google docs app, the one and only feature that enticed me to switch into using it while creating contents is the spellchecker feature it has.

This Feature is so amazing because to a fair extent it guides my writing vocabulary especially when a pronoun or adjective is misused or the use of past tense clashes with the use of present tense in a sentence.

At this point, it seems like I have digressed a lot from the initial content I started in the first place; it wasn't intentional. It just sucks when fruitful efforts go to waste especially when one engages their mental energy into something productive.

I don't even know if I can rediscover what I was writing with my pen in the first place but anyways I will just churn out the details that I feel still lingers in my head. To be honest this is depressing as I will have to task my brain to retrace the beautiful seeds of words that were lost.

Earlier this week, the great wave of good news that flooded the terrain of crypto space I'm mostly active in was the influx of unforeseen green pastures on the price feed via the market action incited by the listing and trading competition of $hive on huobi global exchange.

At first it was an unprecedented fiasco that caused the whole revolution idea of $hive blockchain before this community driven project tore itself away from steem in a hardfork after the whole censorship, centralization and hostile takeover saga but later on we can see how invigorating a community built ecosystem that blossoms like a stubborn wildflower growing in the winter summer amidst the harsh weather conditions.

incredible $hive gif created by peakstudio

To be honest the recent uptrend and slow retrace in the price feed of $hive has been that lasting glimpse of hope to me because when the price was so bearish and not worth the while I was here all along adding my own quota to the ecosystem by fairly creating quality contents and accumulating rewards for my efforts amidst the insurgence of the global pandemic that looms all over the earth.

Actually, many individuals especially crypto enthusiasts facing financial hiccups are extremely thankful to have been in the right place at the right time given the recent surge in price as few sell-offs have remedied the shortage of essential commodities needed to survive.

But after seeing $hive hit $1 and retrace a bit, some many of my online friends who gave up when they felt the reward was not lucrative enough to retain their presence; many who came out from the woodwork intrigue by the spike of $hive began howling different kinds of questions at me in dm.

Many have forgotten how the system works. Many don't even know what $hive really is but however today marked a huge downtrend in the price of $hive after binance the exchange with the largest volume listed $hive for spot trading but disabled withdrawal and deposit until 29th which is just a day to the end of huobi $hive trading competition.

Puzzling right? At how binance announced a list in the middle of a trading competition, lol. I won't think about it so much anyways. At least many who were whining and wailing at how depressing it was not to access their airdropped coins while the pump was rampaging are elated to trade at their own pace.

In cryptocurrency you never can tell what can happen to the success of a project but seeing how passionate and committed to continue a legacy that started four years ago can pivot a decentralized and censorship resistant revolution; I can proudly beat my chest in the open and boast of the exceeding exploits the $hive chain will attain in the coming days, weeks and years to come.

Thanks for reading and happy listing. Cheers 🥂.

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Sorry about you losing your work :(

I find that using steampeak often saves my work as I go. I like google docs too, but my chromebook recently started glitching and the cursor will disappear which means I have to restart my machine and I have found that I lose some work, unless I am on a program that auto saves.

I like the hive rally, but sadly it seems to be over.

Maybe steem will hike up next.

Oh.. I create contents from my mobile phone but yet it sucks no matter the device we use whenever we lose our work to sudden technical difficulties.

About steem and hive. I know hive will thrive because of the unity and community spirit pivoting the chain but steem may or may not be stable. Hike in price is a win anyways. Just my thoughts.

Working from your cell phone. I commend you. I did that when I barely started too, it hurt my thumbs a whole lot.

I do however, understand that with the mobile, you can just speak into it - but my speaking self and my writing self aren't always in synergy (my writing self is much more calm and composed).

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