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There is nothing as sad as the sting of death. The atmosphere it creates is a field of sorrow and pain. But this is life, a cycle of mortality, a loop with an end. People do say there are some deaths that transition the demise into an ethereal being though they are dead yet they still live because of the kind of legacy they have left behind.

This is the elixir of mortal eternity. A cycle of life that doesn't die even after the physical counterpart has gone to rest. The legacy we leave behind; the embodiment of all our positive deeds and long-lasting impact on humanity will determine if an individual after death will continue to be alive through the fruits of his or her past works.

There are few individuals in history that still lingers with the breath of life potent in their names because they left a legacy strong enough to pivot greatness in their society, nation, continents and the entire world for ages to come. For those of us parents and liberal individuals who have a penchant for education; we learn about them, what they did while they were still alive and the milestones and achievements they attained.

Even on the paper money some are imprinted to remind us individuals of their existence, some have statues built in their honor, some have places renamed after them - this shows to tell that their legacy is unquantifiable and deserves such an honor to be in the sand of time and in the history of mankind.

Earlier today. I came across the news of the passing away of the man/mastermind behind the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Damn. In every cartoon network in all countries, I am certain there is no kid in the last decade still alive, opportuned with the availability of a Television set that would say they didn't watch Tom and Jerry on TV.

He died at the age of 95 years, so there is nothing so sad about his demise, in fact this is a celebration of life. He has achieved so much, scaled through the huddles and thorns of life from the age of infancy, childhood, adolescent down to the age of adulthood. At Least he left a legacy that will forever leave a stamp of innovation in the cartoon and animation industry.

He was such a valid contributor to my best childhood memories I had with cartoons. I loved watching superman, zeta, silver hawk, pinky and the brain, Agar, scobby doo, Mulan, Samurai X and Tom and Jerry.

The animation behind Tom and Jerry in particular opened my eyes to the reality that cat and mouse can never be friends. You know back then when I was still naive, I used to think that all animals were in peace and harmony with one another not knowing that the instinct of survival of the fittest and the nature of a predator and a prey was the custom of the animal kingdom.

It was this cartoon that cleared the scale from my eyes even after weeks of watching each episode repeatedly, I later came across a hypothetical scene of a cat and rat case in my immediate environment. During the chase, it is always the cat that has the upper hand in whatever drama that happens but back then I would say to myself this is not how rats succumb to the claws of a cat.

I would replay scenes of Jerry outsmarting Tom, leaving the animated character of Tom in a state of inferiority but later on as I grew older I began to see that all this was for entertainment purposes just to voyage the viewers into the sea of amusement and unending laughter.

On media, this was the remark captioned in one article of his legacy and passing away;

“Tom and Jerry director Gene Deitch has passed away at the age of 95. The Oscar-winning illustrator died on Thursday night at his apartment in Prague, it has been reported. His Czech publisher, Petr Himmel, confirmed the news to The Associated Press where he explained that the star died 'unexpectedly.”

He died unexpectedly at a befitting age if you should ask me but he will always be remembered as a legend behind so many cartoon childhood memories that many have within them. Rest in Gene Deitch. Thank you for all the memories and cartoons you pioneered during your stallion days and in your grey days. You are loved. Thank you sir.

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