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Today started on a right footing for me and my family members. I was so pleased with the recovery rate of my mom who was under the weather three days ago after displaying signs of malaria. I don't know why this malaria thing keeps attacking her health, feels strange to me. Few months ago she recovered from an infection that almost cost her, her life and an amputation of her left leg. In this case we had the upper hand though as there was substantial financial power to overcome the issue.

At first when she started displaying the symptoms, she wasn't having any mild fever or running temperature. She only had stomach aches and stool frequently from time to time. The day after, she was eating her breakfast when suddenly running temperature and vomiting started but I am grateful the nurse we called who did some check up on her confirmed it was just malaria and recommended some drugs to buy. This was when the tides changed and now I can say my mom who lost appetite, stool from time to time, running temperature, vomiting is now reinvigorated like nothing ever happened.

The news of her recovery made me very happy. It gave me peace of mind. You know, when the issue started, I wasn't pleased with the situation because we are in the middle of a lockdown order where if you don't have big influence and sufficient financial power, fixing health issues will be extremely difficult coupled with a looming global pandemic.


Later in the day, after she could eat and walk. I began to shower praises and gratitude to the one who created heaven and earth. In that moment, I got a sudden flashback to one of my early childhood days in school. Damn! I wondered why such memories struck me in the middle of gratitude to the heavens. I didn't know why it happened but the memories were something I can never forget. It's a lifetime remainder that lingers on my conscience.

If you care to peek at what happened to me. I will share it. I don't intend to keep it a secret. We all have that childhood memory of our early school days. A time when the ABC, a time when the 1,2,3, a time when the arithmetic of numbers, spelling, drawing was the pinnacle of education not knowing it was just a stepping stone to the fountain of literacy or education yet to be tapped.

Here I was in the mood of gratitude and in that same moment having thoughts of early childhood school memories. The awkward thing that makes this memory so real like it happened yesterday was because I was made a laughing stock. Lol.

So how did I become a laughing stock in my prepubescent age in nursery school? Okay, I remember I was in the highest class at nursery. Back then we were taught the basic subjects. simple maths, simple english, drawing, introduction to reading simple literature/story books, handwriting, and other basic subjects I can't remember.

This was a time when I was naive, I loved playing around during break time, getting my uniform dirty, eating biscuits, sweets and chocolates, a time I was an alpha male and dominated my class with my superiority and brilliance in how I responded to my teacher's assessments and teachings.

The period came when we were to read our normal literature prior to break time. The weather was sunny that day but immediately the clock ticked towards the period to read our literature or story book scheduled on the time table, the rain began to pour with forces of severe cold radiated into the atmosphere. We started reading our storybook and stopped the class shortly after it was break time.


My teacher back then had advised us to sit down and remain on our seats, she got uncomfortable in her bladder and quickly left the class to use the toilet. That was when my naive mind deemed it okay to leave the class to go play in the rain. On my way running out of the school building. That was how I tripped on the slippery stair step stationed outside at the entrance of the building and got my uniform messed up.

All my body was drenched in rain water, I felt so ashamed and began to feel extreme cold, when my teacher's attention was called to come take responsibility for me. She got really angry and scolded me for disobeying her but because she loved my shrewdness and smartness; she pardoned me and got me changed into a female's uniform so that I could remain warm. The sad part was that there was no extra dry male uniform available.

All through my time in school that day I was called the name of one naughty character in the storybook we read during the literature period. I was regarded as a girl because of the change in uniform and this incident got me all shy and ashamed for months. It crippled my morale and esteem before my friends and mockers. Something I can never forget.

Thanks for reading.

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