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Original photo, no filter. Little throwback photo that was taken back in November of 2020. See how the leaves are brown and burnt orange compared to the flush green leaves you've been seeing lately? In the shot you can tell it was bright outside however it wasn't coming directly from the sun. Unfortunately the sun was being blocked by the grey clouds which is standard for the months of September through December, especially in my city. I like how I was able to capture not only the leaves but the vines that were tangled and sprawled out along the fence. I'm not totally sure if this was a random act of nature or if the homeowner designed for the vines and branches to be attached to the fence the way that it appears to be. It's neat for me to save a few photos for later viewing because it recreates that moment in time for me which was lived a short while ago. It's feeling like a blast from the past.


good day ☀️🌻🍀

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