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Original photo, no filter. I was going through my photo folder and realized I had a couple in there shot a few months ago around the beginning of the new year. The weather was much colder then and the entire vibe of the shot reflects that I feel like. Take a look at some of the photos I've posted over the past week and compare them to this shot here. See how the background is light grey rather than the darker greens I've been posting? Even the color represents winter more so than the flowers I've been seeing out and about lately. The reds I'm seeing now are bright and vibrant compared to the one you're seeing here which a deep dark red. The yellow hasn't even begin to develop because it was so early in the year there was a lack of sunshine at the time. I have a couple more in my photos folder so I'll sprinkle them in from time to time, we'll see who can distinguish which were taken in the past compared to the fresh new ones being taken daily. A nice warm day indeed.


Lovely flower and thanks for sharing and indeed its a wonderful day, Lovely post @treyball.

Me gusta la explicación que das en razón a los colores y la temporada.

@treyball excelente post y me sorprende la fotografía, muchas gracias por compartirlo!

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