Travelgirl's First Ever Harvest

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Hi Everyone,

Due to COVID19, I have started being a farmer. I started planting a few things and then started growing my collection of seeds. I have been planting garlic, onions, chives, various radish, shallots and strawberries. Today I am ready to check if my radish is ready for harvest.


IMG_4140 2.JPG


I haven’t planted anything before so this is more like a trial and error type of deal. The guide is that the radish would take 6-8 weeks to grows so this week di is around 8 weeks. I can actually see the radish sticking up from the soil which indicates it’s ready! So I pulled 3 out from the same pot. So let’s check it out.


Here they are. As they are various Types of radish, I got some weird shaped ones. The round one was the perfect size you get from the shops so that was exciting. The long ones were split in the middle so not sure if I could use them or not. I decided to leave the rest of the radish in the soil for another week or so hopefully they will grow bigger and stronger. I am new to this so a bit of an experiment also. Once the others are ready, I’ll see how they go and so you the results. My first harvest ever!



animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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