Travelgirl's Day 46 of Semi Lockdown in Sydney - Preparing For School Next Week ~

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Hi Everyone

As the Australian is slowly easing the restrictions we have in place, students are also told to slowly prepare to go back to school for 1 day a week as of next week (state dependant). In NSW, children in primary and high school are being organised by the school to return next week. Baby E has been allocated Tuesday along with his buddies. I think the school has deliberately put the friends together on the same day so the kids get a sense of comfort as well as a familiar face they can interact with in class. Although Baby E expressed his excitement, he did show a bit of uneasiness when I told him we can’t go inside the school but rather get him dropped off at the designated area provided by the school.

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As we prepare him mentally for next week, I am intending to go through the book I made especially for him and Baby M for COVID19. It was a freebie but a goodie and I think it will be useful to have that at the back of his mind when he goes back next week. The book talks about the virus, how to avoid it like washing your hands, putting Baby E as the main character of the book so he knows he is part of it as well as a nice list of things they need to remember like when to wash their hands. Kids at this age can be forgetful at certain times so I am doing what I can to remind him.

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It has been a stressful 8+ weeks and I am sure he will be looking forward to going back to school, even for 1 day. We will also be taking Baby M back to daycare for the same day and will monitor the COVID19 infection rate post easing the restrictions before taking him in for his normal enrolled days.

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animation by @catwomanteresa

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