Travelgirl's Day 29 of Semi Lockdown in Sydney - Craving For A Nice Korean Meal ~

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Hi Everyone

First day back at work - honestly my brain is 20% into it. The Easter holiday was just too short and it feels like I needed more time to go back into full swing. My brain was mostly thinking about how we will survive the day and what to cook for dinner as I have been having the same thought since the kids have been at home. The whole family has been craving for Korean food so tonight I will attempt to cook a Korean inspired dish. I even got the pork belly, sauce, kimchi (always had that in the fridge) and the pickled radish (yummmm). More on that later.

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Work started off a bit slow as I couldn’t get onto the server. Probably everyone was trying to log in before 9 and I just gave up and tried every 10 minutes. Finally worked and had 60+ emails. Not bad considering I was away for 10 days but then most of my colleagues and customers are also on leave due to being a public holiday + COVID19 combined. There were a few urgent things that were done and that was sorted by the afternoon. The whole day consisted of my daily standup, catching up on emails and updating anyone who requires my attention on a Monday normally. My brain isn’t coping by lunchtime.


I also go a bit addicted to Stardew Valley. I started playing on the Baby E’s iPad first and we are now fighting for it. So I have now moved it and started playing on my mobile - probably my eyes will die if I play for hours. While the whole world probably is playing animal crossing, I tried to stop myself to join the fun as I found the mobile version was a bit slow. Stardew Valley seems a lot more interacting and suited what I am currently doing at home, farming and growing my own veggies.


We haven’t been out for a sit-down meal for nearly a month. We are craving some Korean BBQ so I got some pork belly meat the other day at the Korean store, some sauce and will marinate it. Then I will pair it with kimchi and pickled radish will be perfect. I forgot to get lettuce so I guess that would have to do for now. Do you have any food you have been craving during this pandemic?

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animation by @catwomanteresa

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I'm not so complicated. I just have a few nong shim cup noodles on standby.

you get to go out ma, have been inside for sooooo long


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