Sometimes Oldies Can Be A Goodie

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Hi Everyone,

During our time at home over COVID19, we took the opportunity to clean up some stuff around the house in particular after moving to our new place during this period. We haven’t moved for nearly 6 years and during that time we had two kids so there will be bound to be a lot of junk that needs to be chucked or donate. My hubby found two ‘ancient’ laptops which we were both surprised that we kept them for so long, hence we need this cleanup.

IMG_6323 2.JPG

One of them was the old Apple laptop which was the “bomb” when it came out and the other is the Sony Vaio which we used regularly back in uni days. They were still in their laptop sleeves (yes we still had them) and found the chargers to them as well. Talk about being organised and keep everything we used to buy. We had the conversation about this and concluded maybe it was a big purchase for both devices back then so we may have kept it thinking we will use it again (which of course we didn’t).



So let's guess which one will work or will any of them would work. Surprise surprise, the Vaio actually was the one that powered on and we were able to log in!! I can’t believe it. The kids actually were super excited and just banged away and tried to do whatever they could. The Mac Book didn’t even power on and we suspect either our power pack wasn’t working or the cable was faulty. Our friend has a cable he found so when we see him next time, we will try to get it off him to test if the MacBook is really dead or not. I guess sometimes old stuff can still be a goodie.

IMG_0986 2.JPG



animation by @catwomanteresa

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