How Will Steemit Look Like After Today?

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Hi Everyone,

Not sure how this will be but I am thinking how will Steemit look after this? I know friends who are over on Hive, some decided to stay here or some like me who post on both sides as we are catering for both sets of audiences.

We started our journey here like many of us, our friendships were formed here. Mixed feelings as I have my own thoughts about everything that has happened but I never contribute and add fuel to the fire. Staying neutral is really hard, sounds like I am talking about work now.

Nearly 2pm here in Sydney .... let's see how things unfold today ....


Travelgirl pic.jpeg


animation by @catwomanteresa

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謝謝你們收看。 請你們繼續跟隨,留言和投我一票 . 我會分享更多遊記和其他有趣的 blog.

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Seriously my friend, I dunno what to expect after the hardfork...

lets see wil ...

dunno but got to take some action just to feel better but Bittrex has stopped transfer now so there is one less option.


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