Bird Singing

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Remember that fellow from a few days ago?

Well, I managed to capture it again, sitting and singing there in a web of branches. But this time it was on a birch tree and because this tree does not have any leaves yet, its fluffy body is cast in front of the blue sky. There are some sun rays in the last picture as well. Its red chest clearly stands out in the midst of this network of branches and you can see it singing in the second picture.

Slowly, but surely nature is awakening and everywhere it is getting greener! For nature it seems everything is quite on track and normal, compared to our hectic and chaotic human world.

Stay safe everyone! ❤❤❤







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Fantastic shots from you. You took the first when its mouth was closed and the second while it opens it as it sings.
Thanks for sharing.

Amazing photos! Congrats!

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