Coronavirus And Homesickness

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I am the elder son of my parents and since my childhood, I have been told that you are strong and you can face any situation in life and come out on top. These words kept me motivated throughout my life and helped me overcome a lot of hurdles in my life. But even the strongest people have soft sides. Obviously, I have that soft side too which tends to be my family.


I am currently living in New Delhi and I had planned return to my home on the 9th of April after nearly 8 months. That's a lot of time and I haven't lived alone for such a long time. After the outbreak of corona virus, I decided to prepone my journey back home by ten days but the lockdown was announced just a day after I decided to return home early.

I live with two flatmates and we are facing many difficulties right now. We piled up huge stocks of groceries and now we are running out of money. We are here for our studies but we haven't studied from the past week or so. Our minds are already occupied with stuff and there is feeling of distress everywhere. One of my flatmates is suffering from depression as he complained two days ago that he is infected by the virus. However, he wasn't but that's a clear sign that he is feeling depressed.

I am missing my home badly especially since the lockdown. We are used to such lockdowns but we do a lot of stuff when we are at home. We cook, play cricket, and watch tv together. Here, we have nothing to do apart from study which is not possible under these circumstances.

It's spring already and I remember how the flowers bloom in the garden of my home. I asked my family to click some pictures of those flowers and send them to me so that I could get a feel of how it is like there. We have some small fruit trees in our garden along with some flowers. I am going to share a few pictures, hope you like them.




The above pictures are of pear tree. We had three of them but we had to cut two because of unavoidable circumstances. The girth of this pear plant is very little but it is way too tall. It almost touches the roof of 1st floor of my home. It has been in our garden for as long as I can remember and the produce is quite excellent as well.




These pictures are of a peach tree which grows right next to the pear tree. The peach tree is still young and it produces very small number of peaches. One can just count them when they arrive. The last picture was taken at a different time of the day when it had rained a bit. The weather of my place can't be predicted. It always keeps on playing "cat and mouse".



The first flower is a rose as far as I know. I have seen so many varieties of red flowers but only a few grow in my garden. The names of all the flowers is hard to remember if you are not a botanist. That's the reason why I don't know the name of the second flower.

I really liked these pictures and I felt a bit energized as well. Looking at these pictures took my mind off the current situation created by corona and also motivated me to write this post. I hope you liked it.

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