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Before I get started, I just want to say that I will be 100% joining the HIVE Blockchain and most of my content will be on the new platform. 💪 🙌 💯

The question is, Am I leaving the Steem Blockchain? 🤷‍♂️

First of all, I love creating content and I'm not the type of person that gets into all arguments about what "team" or "platform" is better or whatever.

In the next few months, many Steem users will still have lots of Steem Power here to upvote content... and why not earn Steem Tokens while being on HIVE 99% of the time.

Might as well "MILK" the shit out of Justin Sun!! 😅

I will still be posting here on the Steem Blockchain until Justin fucks it all up. I will be happy to earn Steem Tokens to dump on Justin to buy more HIVE TOKENS later on.

That's a Win-Win situation in my book. 💁‍♂️

Get ready guys, the HIVE Blockchain starts Tomorrow... I'm Pumped! 🙌

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Hey bossman - are you going to do a full power down?

If the idiot running the show on Steem can't be stopped (and it's not looking good) then I should sell 85 - 95% of my Steem :)

Yeah, i might keep some though. More HIVE and little steem... 9 to 1 ratio lol... may be 9.9 to 1 haha

do you know which exchanges will be accepting? will blocktrades be taking it right away i wonder? and does that mean blocktrades will drop STEEM ? lol

Not sure at all. I don't use exchanges hardly anymore... i just do token swaps. I use this company sometimes. https://simpleswap.stackin.co/

Yup, this aught to be fun! How's your first week in prison going? I thought of you when i kept hearing ppl having Netflix crash on them. It's been working poorly up here i guess. The kids i am watching prefer youtube and video games. And, i pretty much Steem lol. Cheers!!

It's day 2 of the vegas prison shut down so far... its been a drunk fest haha jk.

Why not? Then trade the Steem for Hive and powerup.

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Totally agree :)

That VAMPIRE Leached a lot of Lives Charles.......It was like you had the CORONA !!

Justin will lose millions... he deserves it :)

You Real business man.

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Nice move. That's what I will be doing as well

I feel special that I can participate in this historic moment! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Lets see what happens :)

What if Justin decides to buy up a ton of HIVE and says, "All your base are belong to us!"

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I guess he did already.

I agree with oldtimer, he probably already doing that but thats ok. if he buys hive when it comes out, at least the price is pumped and its his stake not fake ass ninja mined scam lol

I'm going to laugh if all the people all excited about this are making $0.13 / post and then they will be all pissed in a month or so. Hahahah

I just posted on facebook and got 400+ likes and got paid $0 haha... people should be happy with .13 haha

Well this is true........ that is why I mainly just have ghost accounts on Facebook that I don't post to.

Did you sell any steem lately?

yeah, with the pump action yesterday around .40. Will buy some back on the dump tomm :)

Same here.
I don't expect dump, tho.

Those are exactly my thoughts :-)