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This was an ideology that always had me wonder for years, just what if... all of this was created to control us by the new world order. 🤦

It seems to me that we are all heading to that direction in the near future.

The governments of the world will use blockchain and AI to track everything we do.... EVERYTHING! 😲 This will be a very scary situation.

What can or will be tracked? 🤷‍♂️

What you buy, what you sell, credit cards, bank accounts, all government issued ids, all taxes, mortgages, all expenses, how far you drive, if you took a vaccine shot, social behavior etc... etc... in other words, Everything you do!

For Example, are you buying alcohol or going to a club or casino?

Well... all this is considered "bad behavior" and with everything connected interoperability, your insurance goes up, you get a lower social and credit score, every employer will know, you get taxed higher... all done automatically.

Fuckin' crazy right? Well this will happen but we are probably a decade away from this but I can tell you right now, its being implemented slowly in your society.

"Charles, what about Bitcoin? It's decentralized and anonymous and we can bypass this as a from of money?"

That's funny, the governments of the world will track those transaction too... if everything is digitized.

Guess what? You're still fucked when you want to buy stuff with it or go transfer them to any new fiat digital token.

This will be all be implemented years down the road. Here is a great video by George Gammon talking about how digital currencies can enslave us, literally.

I'm getting to believe that Bitcoin (Blockchain) was a "test" and a way to get normal internet "average joes" to start using it when it first started...

Bitcoin might of created by the CIA!! WTF do I know? HAHA

What are your thoughts? Am I too much of a "Tin Foil Hat" guy these days? ... or am I going to be right and we are all going to become fucked Salvetards. LOL

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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If the situation about covid-19 arising more strongly in earth then crypto will be automatically shut down by supply chain!

They will never enslave us!

We are already enslaved lol

I'm already watching them watching me.

Yes we wonder who Satoshi was and the real agenda. Maybe it was a deep state plot all along. And here comes global digital currency where we will all be tracked to the max, as you say. IOT and we humans are the Ts.

It’s seems that was the case lol