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If you haven't heard the news as of yet, Oil Futures dropped to a whopping -$40 per barrel in the markets today. Yes, that isn't a typo, its a minus forty bucks!

With the Economy all going straight down the shitter in the recent weeks with the pandemic, Unemployment, Stocks, etc... etc... the Future does not look so good.

We are straight going into a recession and a high possibility of a depression that can last for years. I'm no way negative, just starting real facts and numbers.

However, with all the bad news, I'm still very optimistic! In the next couple of months or years, people will be able to buy tons of these assets on the cheap.

The best thing one can do right now is just to prepare themselves for the worse.

How does one prepare themselves?

Pretty simple, with everything going to shit... many people must use this time to start saving cash and start learning new skills such as trading, investing, real estate, or anything that one can see that will have huge value when we do recover from this turmoil years from now.

I'm planning to start investing into some of these assets on the HUGE DIPS and on things that believe will have huge gainzzzz in 2021 such as oil, precious metals and cryptos.

I have no plan to do anything as of now because the volatility is pretty insane and I can see more massive losses in 2020.

If you are interested in trading these assets like oil, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies... I've been trading on PRIME XBT. So far, so good!

The cool thing is that one can create an account for FREE with no KYC at all.

So if you are planning to get some major Gainz in these assets in 2021, I would recommend to Open a PRIME XBT Account For Free Right Here.

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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This is the opportunity to invest and make a plan for future, when everything will be fine then it could be a wrothfull for you.

Cash is king right now 😅

Just when you think this couldn't get any crazier then oil goes negative its insane, I don't think anything is safe anymore okay maybe gold because it can't go to zero but damn

I can see lots of assets getting destroyed this year, bargain deals are coming lol

I also want to invest in oil, gold and silver, I am just waiting for the right moment to enter!

You may have a huge chance this year, people predicting 50% cuts on everything and I can see that happening lol

Prime XBT user interface is so simple, but the app and page lags alot.. Anyway, thanks for the post @stackin