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Some crazy news just came out in the last few hours... they decided to close down the whole state of Nevada which included Las Vegas for a MONTH! 🤷‍♂️

This isn't just all about the casinos... almost everything that is a nonessential businesses will also close.... Holy Shit! 🙇

Ni Haircuts, No gyms, No Movies, No fun shit at all... probably only food stores will remain open. 🤦

This is freaking crazy, you know how many people are going to be out of work? Mostly Everyone!

Information is coming out that most people won't be coming back due to the future slowdown. OUCH! Unemployment in Vegas probably shot up to 30% in one day!

I'm thinking that we are about to head into one of the biggest depressions in the last 100 years.

In my opinion, it won't start right away with all the "Money" printing worldwide (propping up the fake stock market) but will start sometime next year in late 2021 and beyond.

This crisis isn't including the... 1 Trillion Dollar Consumer debt! What about the 4 trillion Corporate debt? What about over priced housing market? What about 1.5 trillion Student loan? What about the 1 trillion dollar auto loan debt? What about the 100 Trillion "unfunded liabilities like pensions and social security.

Get prepared guys, it's going to be a very tuff decade for all of us in the next few years. 📆

I'm not here to scare people, just getting the info out to the masses. Be sure to stay positive and do the best that you can!

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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oops, this is really getting serious. Anyways stay healthy and safe

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Its getting so crazy! lets all get positive and weather the storm :)

That’s so crazy!!! I laughed about this virus up until a few days ago when there is NO toilet paper in any stores! Wth is it with the tp though!??? Lol! Stay healthy and safe out there! My inactive son @cushcoast lol and my Mom live there in NV. too!

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No idea what’s up with need for so much toilet paper haha... yeah, it’s going to be a weird 30 days here in Vegas with everything shut down 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

Wow! This aught to be interesting. What an announcement. Good thing there's lots going on in cryptoland to keep ya entertained. Hopefully you can find a way to enjoy the change of pace. Hopefully delivery of goods is still possible. Do you guys have skip the dishes in Vegas? Is that still operating...

Maybe I’ll do a 30 day Netflix binge... I feel like I’m in prison lol

You have plenty of SILVER Charles. RELAX that is Your Life Boat. Everything will get Better. They Will close Down the Federal Reserve and IRS Too.....
Just Watch and come Back and Visit this Comment in Six Months. It's Going to Get Better..........

I own 1 OZ of silver.... HAHA :)

Probably be able to book some very inexpensive 'in home entertainment' then!

....try not to let government fear porn to get inside your head.
They just love living in there.

I left the matrix 22 years ago, that was my last job :)

Stripped of the strip, I guess you can always go out into the desert and smoke weed or do peyote

They closed all the weed and liquor stores... literally everything. Good thing I have over 100 bottles of booze at the crib haha

didn't you hear? they are going to be giving out some check$$ lol all will be fine 🙃streaming entertainment services must be seeing crazy numbers rtnow

WOW $1000, I'm going to use it for toilet paper haha

maybe by the time we get it we can afford a couple rolls of it lol😂😂

This is PAYBACK Time for JFK being Killed by The BANKSTERS.........
The last time casinos closed in Las Vegas was for John F. Kennedy’s funeral on Nov. 25 1963, says University of Nevada history professor Michael Green.

By the Way JFK Jr. Still Alive. One of TRUMP's Best Friends.......

You Will look back at this Comment in Six Months and You will Know that it is the way it was supposed to Happen............... @stackin

Maybe I’ll do research about conspiracy theories for 30 days lol

I was on the bus and arrived at my Central bus hub and saw much less foot traffic since the Imposition of yesterday's Emergency Declaration. Normally my morning Bus is full, this morning it's two thirds empty.
I work as a Nurse, and I don't think my Boss will tell me to stay home.

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It might get so much worse... lets hope for the best :)