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Well, it finally happened. Justin Sun and the Tron Organization are now "blocking" our voices on Twitter to save face.

With his constant lies and deceit throughout the years, it seems that Justin and his team is taking massive to silence the Steeem Community. 🤦

People should realize Justin really isn't a good marketer at all. 99% of this Twitter followers are "fake" as fuck and they can be bought for a few hundred bucks.

Marketing Genus my ass... more like a scammer to me.

Why did Justin Block me? Who knows, maybe it's this picture I posted on his twitter account and told him to stop lying. 😅


It's kinda funny that he wants to be involved with Steem as our platform is all about decentralization and non censorship content.

What a dumb fucking moron! 😅

Did Justin "block" you on Twitter Yet? If not, it looks as if he will start blocking us all in the next few days to keep us quit.

With his current voting (using steemit pre-mine stake) to vote in his scammy sock puppets witnesses... it seems he will not ever stop or compromise.

Where does Steem go from here? No one knows for sure but this battle may continue for a very long time.

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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That's why we use steemit instead of facebook or twitter for making posts xD

That's why we use STEEMPEAK instead of facebook or twitter for making posts xD

YES! Steempeak is badass :)

He is a total snake. Each action that is taken shows how low he really is.

We are getting close to the time to go gangster. Do a fork and push him aside.

He is showing he is not going to give up until he destroys it all.

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Totally agree, Justin is a freaking psychopath and been a constant lier for years. I might have to make a visit at his tron offices in San Fran soon LOL

I wouldnt be surprised if it is a Mailboxes Etc or UPS Store that has mailbox rentals. 😁

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HAHA, its probably fake like him ;)

I think Justin had lunch with George Soros rather than Warren Buffet.

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More like CZ of Binance aka George Soros of crypto 😂

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You are a decent guy @stackin.
You speak your mind.
He blocks you cause you put him out on the opening.
We need to show him the door instead of having a new #steem with him.
I started to understand as the biggest holder of #steem, he should lead by example.
We need to make his life miserable till he goes back to #TRX.

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I think he is blocking everyone now haha

Tweeted your post..

Apppresh bossman :)

Just pick up a comment under his status of ppl he did not block and leave a reply, you can also mention him easily, the only difference is he will not be able to see it but that is beyond a point, public should know.


I'm thinking he will start blocking everyone haha

The end is near on my opinion, let the covid-19 invade his body 👹🐙🦑

WOW, that was harsh haha

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He hasn't blocked me yet, but has he heard my song about him?

Really? you may be next... even tron holders are getting blocked lol

I saw he blocked some Tronners and they were begging to get unblocked :) I bet they love this sort of publicity.

Opera Snapshot_20200314_143751_twitter.com.png

Of course, after all,I AM an ARCH ENEMY , lol .

HAHA, same here :)

Take a look at the replies, either accounts made yesterday, no profile picture, created only for one purpose like his puppet witness accounts.
Also, China and Korea ( both N and S) have ban on Twitter. Interesting to see all those ppl commenting lol.

He's obviously not managing to undo the sh*t he did, @stackin.

Yeah, what a psychopath lier Justin is :)

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Are you freaking serious? Thats crazy. I been calling him a "moron" instead haha

yup got banned by justin too.

It seems 90% of people from steem got blocked. smh smh

Ned's parting gift. All this bull**** could have easily been prevented. His name will rot forever...

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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