$ICX price action looking solid

in GEMSlast month


With a quick scroll through my Blockfolio app I'm noticing some of the alts are up although the majority of them are down. Strange when we see the market like this, almost as though the Bitcoin suck is coming on where everything gets slammed while the king trends upwards. Been hard to trade the chop but maybe take a look at $ICX it seems to have some volatility lately. Over the last few days it's made a low of 0.854 and a high of 1.21, it's currently being traded for around 1.10 on most exchanges. Over the last 24 hours it's made a low of 0.971. Used to love ICON back when it was a twenty cent coin. Never stopped loving but have gotten shaken out of my bags along the way. I've always tracked the price action though and it tends to move with some volatility at times like we're seeing here over the last few days. Makes for a good swing trade most likely.