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Hoy todo sigue igual, aún debemos continuar en casa, pero mis margaritas amarillas siguen floreciendo y cada día cargan de color y vida mi balcón.

[En]Today everything is the same, we still have to continue at home, but my yellow daisies are still blooming and every day they bring colour and life to my balcony.

F/1.8 | ISO/32 | EXP - 1/758 seg | D.F - 4 mm | Camera - Apple - IPhone 11

F/1.8 | ISO/32 | EXP - 1/1587 seg | D.F - 4 mm | Camera - Apple - IPhone 11

F/1.8 | ISO/32 | EXP-1/407 seg | D.F - 4 mm | Camera - Apple - IPhone 11

Capture algunas imágenes, que quiero compartir esperando dar un poco de color a mí blog, intentando mantener un poco el brillo y ánimo. Espero sean de su agrado. Saludos.

[En]I captured some images, which I want to share hoping to give a little color to my blog, trying to maintain a little brightness and mood. I hope they are to your liking. Greetings.

Taken with an Apple Camera from an iPhone 11. © All Rights Reserved
All photographs are my property, I like to share them as well as my experiences.
Coimbra, Portugal.



Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! :)

muy buen enfoque, saluditos

Muchas gracias. Saludos. :)

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