This is who we are - A farewell? Time will tell

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I don't know if this will be my last post on Steemit but I wanted to use the last post of this series to appreciate how much this community has given to me. Beyond the monetary rewards, I met wonderful people here and that I will never forget. Vanessa, Crow, Silvia, Spidey, George, amazingly talented and wonderful people that I had the chance to know a little.
Making posts here was a huge motivation to keep working on my art and I'm really happy to look back and see the progress I made in all these years.
For all these reasons I will always keep Steemit and the amazing community built around it close to my heart.


This is who we are

The perfect image;
Like the flower entangled in your hair and ideas
Made in essence of the passing time, through the center of the fear and the drops dripping over the warm chest;
Vibrant, brave full of excitement, it hid it's miracles from everyone because the silence allowed it.
An agony beyond description, perhaps tinted by pain but always latent.
Intense colors that evolve, change, even if we don't want to see it.
Our fate is to repeat the same ideas, the same regrets; like a damned calendar that when we reach this moment, always goes back.


I wanted with this illustration to finish the series with a portrait, on the other parts there was always some kind of motion or emotion, in This is what we do she was looking for something, in This is what we feel she was feeling awe before something, and with this one I wanted to show just what she was, nothing simpler and harder than that.

I started adding the cooler colors earlier this time and I think it was a more realistic approach to the skin tone, I really enjoyed and I will probably try it again.

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