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Millennium is a tv series from 1996 (not related to Stieg Larsson's book, which came out later), it tells the story of Frank Black, a retired FBI agent that decides to move with his family to Seattle to get away from a dark past serving in the Bureau. His wife Catherine and their daughter Jordan accompany him, and when they see their new yellow house think it will be their special place in the world.

When they arrive, Frank is called by the Millennium Group, a group of retired FBI agents as he is, with Peter as the only visible face at the start, they helped Frank heal his wounds at his worst. With a strong religious influence, their main goal is to prevent the end of the world, something that a lot of members think will happen in the year 2000.

Millennium needs Frank to collaborate on several cases to take advantage of his unique ability: to get inside the mind of serial killers. In his first case already we see how Frank has to deal with a murderer obsessed with sin, and this theme will repeat through the entire series, all the crimes are more or less affected by religion or esoteric beliefs, always with a hand from the shadows apparently guiding these killers.

Frank is holding to a dark past that haunts him and is his wife on who he finds solace but when she and their daughter's lives are at risk he will have to confront evil face to face.

What makes it great

Lance Henriksen is the one in charge of giving life to Frank Black, and it makes it in a way only a few times seen on TV, each tragedy that the character lives, you feel it with him, a fantastic actor. Another great one is Terry O'Quinn shining as Peter, years before doing his most known role as John Locke on Lost. And if we talk about acting, what can I say about Megan Gallagher, personifying Frank's wife, always by his side and capable of full us with fondness or take us to the deepest sadness.

The soundtrack, it's theme song repeats on emotional moments of the series and gives a unique emotion, a sensibility, and a sensation of surrender to the impossible. The images of the opening also work in that direction, maybe the creator hid a clue about the future of the series and it was always there, right in front of our eyes since the first episode.

A big cliff hanger

With three seasons that I consider of superlative quality. It's understandable why this series didn't continue, maybe it's a bit bothersome the fact that it ended with kind of a cliff hanger about the future of Frank but, in reality, because of it's mythos and the imminent arrival of the year 2000, it would have been very convoluted to give a second wind to Frank's adventures.

It's in season 7 of The X-Files (episode 4) where Frank's story gets somewhat of a closure, and apparently, also the Millennium Group does.

The man behind it

This tv series, created by Chris Carter, was approved by Fox after three years of success with his most popular show: The X-Files. If Carter dumped all of his questions about UFOs and the military secrecy for The X-Files, on Millennium were his doubts about religion that served as fuel, with a big rest on the Book of Revelations from the Bible.

It's sad when you think how little we've seen from this creator since then, the last seasons of The X-Files weren't my favorites, I admit it. But the TV is missing someone with his wit, beyond some miniseries adapting Stephen King's books, there's a shortage for this genre.

I declare now and for the rest of my life, in a perfect world, J.J. Abrahms, the one who con us with Lost, should be polishing Carter's boots, a real maker of the Sci-fi and fantasy world.


It's been a while since I drew a man and I always have to remember to do the opposite to when I draw women: draw sharp edges for the face and paint with strong colors for the skin tones. I tend to paint women because I feel they are more connected with the surrounding, with nature, with life in general. But I enjoyed drawing Lance because his eyes give a really strong vibe. I tried to capture that.


I hope you liked it!


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