Journey in a dream - Watercolor painting

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As she flies, she remembers a phrase said by an ancient sage: The bad things don't have a start but have an ending. And those words resonate with her.

Goes over in her mind how everything started, that time when she started dreaming with mazes, but not those naturals, crafted by experienced people who shape trees to develop an intricate amusement. On her dreams, she wandered over and over again mazes of concrete, dozens of rooms that lead to a hallway and that hallway leading to another room, in an eternal loop. Every night as she laid the sheets of her bed, she knew what was waiting for her at sleep. A feeling of agony from knowing that she would wander and wander, and would never lead her to anywhere, always to another room, another hallway. She cried sleeping.

Everything changed the day that she found a sheet of white paper in the center of a room, that blank paper had nothing to say, yet she couldn't stop looking at it, her heart tried to give it shapes, her being did and undid colors, combinations, harmonies. Suddenly, she saw rocks, saw a desert, a place where there was anything but colors filled it with life and she wanted to be there. She needed to be there.

Waking up, she stared at a small bird shaking the snow that a branch let fell over its head. She couldn't stop smiling and her heart provided with that vision, returned her joy.

It was far, it was a difficult place to reach, she reminded herself, but she had to go, she had to see it with her own eyes. She rested her head on the pillow trying to stop thinking on how to get there.

The dream repeated over, she grabbed the paper, watched the shapes from her heart, the colors of her being, but this time it was different the desert wasn't empty, there she saw her small neighbor shaking its head looking at her from different angles, almost looked like it was inviting her. She instinctively stretched out her hand and got through the paper, she started to feel the hot air of the desert and touched the bird's feathers that felt full of life. The paper started to crack and the grey room turned into the land of her dream, the frozen ground of concrete into warm stones, the tarnished windows into a view of an infinite horizon, and there she was, and there was the bird.

The bird hunched over to crouch and she without hesitation hopped into it's back when she sat the bird immediately took off with uncertain course but with one certainty, her being had awakened.



For the bird, I started with the shape of a Snow Bunting and decided for the colors of a Blue Jay, that I think are more attractive for the harmony I was looking with these colors. My focus was on Blue - Orange - Purple - Yellow.


I hope you liked it!


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Thank you 😃

Absolutely beautiful story, fairy tale and nice watercolor work, love the scene, the way how you build up your layers of colors and color choice :)

Thank you, Stef. I really appreciate your words. I started with a little sketch and the opening phrase and when I began to paint it, the story came along.

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