Finally a dream came true

in GEMS3 years ago

No matter how much people change in the course of life, some people get up in life, some people stop at life, but I survive by fighting with life day by day.I have heard since childhood that if you are patient, everything will come to fruition. Today, after a long year, a small wish of life has been fulfilled.20200512_17075701.jpeg20200512_17080701.jpeg20200512_17083201.jpegFrom childhood till today I have had to do all the work on public transport. I always thought I would have a vehicle of my own. Honestly, I didn't think it would happen so soon. However, after a long day's work, I finally bought my own vehicle.

However, fulfilling the dream was not so easy, I had to suffer a lot.I think I have had to work hard to fulfill this dream and I have accepted a lot of sacrifices.
And when I got in the vehicle after buying the vehicle, there was a serenity inside that I can't express. I think only those who succeed after a lot of hard work can understand this feeling.Maybe looking at the vehicle makes you laugh about what makes me so happy for this little thing but to me this little thing is a huge thing because it is the success of my hard work so I am proud of it.
Today, in the midst of all the busyness of the road, I will drive around in my own vehicle, thinking that it fills my chest with joy, I am really proud of myself. Honestly, when we bought the vehicle, when we went with the family, it was another matter of joy that I was able to share my happiness with my family.

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