The beauty of Reflection by nature

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When the beauty of nature is reflected by another beautiful resource of our nature then the combination become very dreamy. In a moonlit night the reflection of moon in lake water is much dreamy then the reflection in a mirror glass.

Today I'm going to share some mind-blowing natural reflection that I captured by mobile camera.


In the rainy season, after a heavy rain the weather become so romantic. When this moment comes at the time of late afternoon we can't concentrate to our regular work. Something crazy feelings start disturbing our mind.


The feelings like that we are missing someone very much and we try to find him or her in the spreading beauty of our refreshing nature. The numerous colour of dancing cloud create a rhythmic feeling inside us. Our heart start dacing with the beautiful dancing clouds in the sky.


After the rain the lake water become more fresh. Looking like that the water of lake take refreshing shower with the rain water. The lake consumed the crystal clear water of rain for broadcasting the dancing competition of colourful clouds.


When we able to see the beautiful reflection dancing clouds into the lake water, then we feel that, the person I'm missing so much at this moment she or he is also dancing with the clouds into the lake water. Feeling like that wanna touch her or him and also touch the clouds.

Who is the most beautiful the dancing clouds or She/he. We fail to distinguished and loving enjoy the reflective beauty.

Thanks for being with me.

Hope you all love my photography.


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