Happy Birthday To You My Dear cute Sister

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15th May 2007 was the happiest day for our family members. Especially for me, my parents, and my younger brother because on this day the Almighty creator gives us numerous joy and happiness by his beautiful Gift. On this day my cutest sister was born and she is always the best gift for our family members. She is the youngest and we love her very much, especially me. Today she is in 13, I just can't believe myself!! Still, she is a little queen for me. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" My dear, May creator bless you a lot, May creator make you the happiest person in the world, May creator keep you always healthy.


”মেঘলা” (Meghla) is the most beautiful name for me cause my sister name is Meghla. If you are Bangladeshi you must know the meaning of মেঘলা (Meghla). Meghla means Cloudy weather. Seems to be rain. Let me tell one thing, who doesn't love the cloudy weather, who doesn't love that time before the rain. Nobody, am I right? So, you must love my sister name also "মেঘলা (Meghla)".

Why her name is "মেঘলা (Meghla)" I'm going to share this with you all. In 2007 we were living a beautiful city of Cox'sbazar District named "Eidgha". Being a coastal area Cyclone is a very common disaster. From the morning of 15th May was so cloudy, and 6 No Danger Signal was declared by the weather forecast department. From 10 am it was raining so heavily with powerful Strom. When it was evening my father and one of uncle go outside for announcing about the upcoming Cyclone that people can take themself into cyclone center.


When it was about 8 pm My mother was feeling very pain, She was pregnant. I made a phone call to my father and my father came very fast with a microbus and took my mom to the hospital. It was 11.30 Pm my younger Sister was born. Luckily Eidgha didn't face the cyclone, only a simple storm, and heavy rain.

After three days my mother got released from Hospital and came to our home. My sister was looking so cute and every neighbor and my father's office colleagues came to see her. One of my aunts asked me what name you choose for your Sister Shadon? I replied to her "মেঘলা (Meghla)”. No one complained about the name and from then She is Meghla.


In my life, I met many children but my sister is completely different from them. She is so much decent and intellectual. From earlier, she is matured enough. She never forced us on any costly items. One very interesting thing about my sister is, She never purchases any dress, Shoes and whatever it is by his own choice, She has overconfidence in my choice So that I have to everything for her and no one in our family is permitted to buy anything for her. Maybe this is the best option to showing her love to me.


Loving you sister so much. May this day bring a new dimension to your life. Wanna thanking my Almighty creator for keeping my sister healthy and happiest. Please pray for my beloved sister.

I'm dedicating this post to my cute Sister.

Thanks for being with me.


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