Bionic Eye, Better Than Human Eye, To Provide Night Vision Capability

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For the longest time, it has been glaringly clear that we humans will one day take evolution in our own hands. So, instead of evolving naturally, we will evolve artificially, giving ourselves greater and greater capabilities.

A lot of people might be opposed to this idea and many might love it. Regardless, this seems to be the direction we are headed in. All over the world, many scientists, research teams and engineers are hard at work devising creative ways to enhance our biological bodies.

From genetic engineering, 3D printed organs to nanobots, we are already building the fundamentals of the future cyborg human. It seems like merging with the machines will be inevitable.

One such project has been in the works at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The researchers there say that they have created a proof of concept bionic eye that could surpass the capabilities of a human eye.

Bionic Eye To Enhance Vision

A lot of cutting edge technology has gone into creating this eye. It is essentially a 3-D artificial retina that has a highly dense array of extremely light-sensing nanowires. Now that sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie!

The nanowires used in this bionic eyes are so sensitive that they can easily surpass the optical wavelength range of the human eye. It is this that will allow the artificial eyes to be much better than the real ones.

What is more impressive is that this bionic eye can even be used in robots of the future. This one small feature will go a long way in making them look and behave like us.

But that's not all! This bionic eye will give the wearer night vision capabilities. How cool would it be to be able to see in the dark? No fumbling around for light switches anymore! Theoretically, the eye would be able to do anything you can imagine a high-tech camera to do. The future sure looks more and more like a sci-fi novel!

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