I need your help!

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I need your help


I have a problem - I sent STEEM with the wrong MEMO it is an exchange @huobi - now the support service requires a HASH / TXID transaction.
Where can I see HASH / TXID transactions?
I will be thanked for the help!



The last part is the TX ID

I know you btw, I changed my Hive for Steem with you.

Bro, I immediately gave them
Transaction id
95938444b1e7baf8142452508f16828923475a55 but they say that this address is too long - that it is not HASH
Are you sure this is a HASH transaction? I will then insist that they consider my refund request.

95938444b1e7baf8142452508f16828923475a55 that is the TX Hash so I dont know who is talking over there but that is it :D
44620641 / 95938444b1e7baf8142452508f16828923475a55 This is the blocknumber wit the TX attached

02a8db6132cd21ab4a9a290773ffea904d4c0414 and this is the block ID. Its also a hash and it is even longer.

Good luck

Great - I will solve the problem now)

And have you said which account (russia-btc) it is? And include a timestamp. Otherwise, try again in an hour with a different support assistant :P

Sorry, you are right
Hello, need the relevant specialist to email you.
The relevant specialist has now taken a rest and will contact your email within 24 hours

I was hoping to sell STEEM profitably and buy HIVE - now it will not happen)

Great you solved it. Specialists need a long rest at huobi btw :D

I was hoping to sell STEEM profitably and buy HIVE - now it will not happen)

Everything is telling you that you shouldn't do that. IMO
Thanks for the tip, I will keep it because I love having STEEM :P

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