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As a Blockchain enthusiast and its currencies trader, I have always looked out for core features of projects or platforms before I finally dive in with my hard-earned funds to invest, trade, or spread the good news about them. In terms of Exchanges, I prefer those with derivatives of trading features available to its users for a better experience. For example, I would rather refer a user to an Exchange with market features such as; Spot, Futures, Margin, and so on, rather than an Exchange with just Spot market. Most importantly, the security level of an Exchange that holds users’ funds matters a lot.

In this review, I will be sharing my honest thoughts on BTSE; An amazing Exchange I got referred to by a friend.

What Is BTSE?


From their official website, it’s stated that; BTSE, "bitsie" /ˈbɪtsi/, is a multi-currency digital assets exchange and derivatives platform that innovates and delivers a one-stop solution bridging the gap between traditional fiat markets and the world of digital assets.

First Impression

My very first visit to their platform was a whole different experience, for I was well oriented with the details of the services they offer. The platform's homepage includes the following;

  • The latest update on the platform
  • A widget displaying the prizes of the top cryptocurrencies in the world. Also with their prizes for different pairs.
  • A list of features of Future trading;
    • Up to 100x Leverage
    • Lower Fees
    • SWIFT Transfers
    • No daily withdrawal limits

With the few but detailed information on their landing page, even a non-user of the platform would definitely understand how beneficial it’d be to click on the Register button.

Unlike other platforms, BTSE requests only four pieces of information as you can see from the image below. I give kudos to the developers or the real Gem behind this idea.


The last action required just after filling the form with the right details is the verification of email. But instead of restricting users from viewing how their exchange looks like because of an unverified account, BTSE automatically redirects the user to their main page where assets of different markets are traded. Although, the functionalities seen on this page won’t function until the user's email is verified.
In fact, there would be a notification at the top right of the page reminding unverified users to do the needful before they could perform any action (after an email confirmation, you may deposit and trade immediately).

I was amazed to notice that users can also log in with either username/email addresses. This is definitely my very first time seeing an exchange platform saving users the stress of typing those long emails. Isn't this awesome?🤗

After creating an account? Now what?

The image below displays how BTSE’s trading interface looks like. This page has options(buttons) at the top right to switch between the different types of trading mechanisms(Future, Spot, and More).


BTSE Features

Fiat Gateways


Developing a platform isn’t the main issue but creating access for adoption is. This is one problem BTSE has fought for and I believe they already won after seeing the list of Fiat Gateways on their platform.

On BTSE, at least one country from every content can easily purchase crypto via fiat payment. This is a great way to get the whole world utilizing Blockchain technology via BTSE Fiat gateways. Below are the lists of the accepted Fiats as of when I was writing this review; USD, CAD, CNY, EUR, HKD, JPY, SGD, AUD, GBP, and AED). It should be noticed that Initiating a purchase with any of the listed fiats is swift and easy.

Futures 2.0 Trading


BTSE is running on Future 2.0 which allows users to trade next-level futures where they have available slides to choose their margin mode/leverage and settlement of assets up to 100x. At the moment, BTSE only has 7 different assets available to be traded via Future trading and they are. BTC, XMR, LTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and TUSD. I hope and believe more assets would be added later as time goes on.

All-In-One Order Book


Just as I have stated at the starting of this review, BTSE tries every possible way to lessen the stress to perform an action on its Exchange. With the help of the All-In-One Order Book, users can easily trade assets of their choice without having to search for a pair against other pairs. This feature is not common in most exchanges. In fact, this is my very first time noticing it on an exchange. I believe with this feature, users will experience deeper liquidity, fairer pricing, and easier trades with more variety.

Become A Better Trader With BTSE Testnet


Before I got introduced to BTSE, I was used to defining Testnets as a tool meant for developers to hunt for bugs on a platform before launching its mainnet. I have just gotten an additional meaning to what Testnet is just after I made use of the Testnet feature on BTSE. In this case, users on BTSE Testnet are given free money (Virtual money) which should be used to gain trading skills and study how the functions on the BTSE Exchange are operated.
I'm currently using this great tool to learn Future trading on the platform. You can also do the same by registering an account here.

Referral Program


With this program, any user that invites new users to the platform will earn 20% of the new user’s trading fees and 10% of the user’s friend referral earning. These earnings aren’t just once, as it's stated that the earning is Lifetime Referral Rewards. Also, it’s stated on the BTSE official website that; Every friend you refer starts with a 30-day discount on their trading fees, including their trades on BTSE's spot and futures markets.

BTSE Academy


For anyone looking for materials to learn more on how to use the BTSE platform, they've got you covered with their BTSE Academy program, where the crypto market is analyzed, latest partnership and updates are blogged, including YouTube, tutorials and lots more.

The BTSE Token

The BTSE token is said to be more like a fuel powering the BTSE ecosystem. See it as a common currency that every user on the platform spends for every transaction initiated. And when the local token is used to perform an action on the platform, a percentage discount is given.
Apart from BTSE token being a local currency among BTSE users, it can also be traded against cryptocurrencies, Fiat, and stable coins. Also, it should be noted that users get up to 60% on trading fees while using the BTSE token.


Personally, I see BTSE as an exchange that has embedded varieties of features or tools to satisfy its users while trading. Apart from creating a secured platform where users have sound sleep while being a trader, they’ve also been able to build a robust and institutional-grade exchange. It's incredibly amazing that they also try every possible way to limit the stress needed to complete an action on their platform. I rate them 8 out of 10.

The Team


Jonathan Leong: CEO


Brian Wong: Co-Founder


Joshua Soh: COO


Yew Chong Quak: CTO

Official Links



How were you able to withdraw on Ionomy? I used my Steemit name for my wallet address and it didn't work.

Are you sure you used mysearchisover? I am 100% sure it'll work.

I thought I did. Maybe I mistyped or there could be a delay.

I think it worked for you


Yes I noticed an email from them. You have to go to your email and verify the transaction and then it will work.

Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you about that.

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