Story of a betrayal

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It all starts in one morning….

They say that the best lessons in life are learned in the worst moments and this was precisely the case of Laura, the girl in this story who, eager for affection and company, decided to adopt a python as a pet, Laura loved her snake, which is why that he not only tried to spend a large part of his day with her and take care of her personally but he even slept with her.

As the months passed, the python began to grow and grow until it was 4 meters long, everything seemed to be going great, the python not only continued to grow but also looked very healthy, until one day the snake stopped eating, for More attempts that Laura made, her pet refused to taste the piece of meat she gave him and rarely moved, so very worried and desperate at the situation, Laura went to the vet and told her about her situation, the vet listened to her attentively and a little alarmed I ask Laura if the python sleeps with you, Laura answered every night.

The vet asked her again, she has noticed that since she stopped eating every time she is lying down her pet curls up next to her and then stretches very close to you, Laura answered yes, the woman was very excited to feel that she could finally help her beloved python, if she stretches very close to me and that makes me sadder, I feel like she's trying to tell me something and I don't know how to help her, the vet was totally paralyzed because he couldn't believe what was happening.

After a few seconds the vet stared at Laura and replied: ma'am, your snake is not sick, it is preparing to eat its next prey, every time it stretches next to you, it is measuring its size, it wants to know how long it should be to devour it, the snake has not eaten to have enough space to swallow and digest it easily.

In life you have to recognize reality, sometimes it can be very painful but even the people closest to us act like animals, those in whom we trust the most and for whom we would do anything can have bad intentions, so do not be blind and open your eyes to the signs that life gives you, you have to know how to recognize where to stay and when to withdraw and never come back, remember not all hugs and kisses are honest sometimes the people we love the most may be preparing to hurt us, just like the snake in this story.

"I'm not afraid of the enemy who attacks me, but the false friend who hugs me" Tupac

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