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My way of giving thanks.

I believe in the act of gratitude but sincere gratitude, what it does is carry out a kind of transformation in us, that is why I think it is so powerful, but what do I mean with gratitude, because for my gratitude in a first step it can be gratitude for everything that surrounds us, that is, material things, because it may be that I have a house to live in, that I have a car, that I have a family, that I have a job, that I have a body, that I have health, that I have my hands and my feet.

I believe in being grateful for those first things, because they make it possible to do what we do on a day-to-day basis, all these material issues help you to have experiences that you live day by day, which are wonderful, all material issues are also very fleeting, They are very ephemeral and many times, although they make what we do possible, they could be replaced by others, that is, I don't have this car because I have a bicycle, I don't have this computer because I have another, because I have this camera because I have something else.

Every day a hundred thanks for being able to experience the bad and good things, for everything that comes, that is, for all these things that I can do and those that you cannot do, for all the things that come into my life and that make me walk. where I am walking, I am grateful for all the things that I am living right now and I do it this way because I believe that this is much more healing and transforming, because it makes us see everything that happens to us with understanding and acceptance and therefore this feeling or emotion of gratitude, manages to heal us.

I am grateful for my past because thanks to it it has made us get here, in an easier or more difficult way, in this way the future is projected or a very different energy is diffused, because it is not the same to walk towards the future thanking our moment present and past, and not to hold life to account that is very common in many of us, is the opposite of gratitude; There is like a struggle of many people who feel that they have not reached their goals or objectives, we feel without thanks.

If you are not grateful, the ego fights or resists with the energies of life, instead of thanking everything that is coming, you must accept it and understand it, try to heal and know why it is coming, it is for some reason, we must fight, yes; If we are in that state of victim, of asking life to account or otherwise of gratitude, our environment will react very differently with us and wonderful opportunities may arise.

That is why I think it is so important to focus energy on gratitude, to integrate it into our routine, for me it is super important, although sometimes it is forgotten, it begins by thanking in the morning, a gratitude for a new opportunity, a new step, a new day full of experiences and questions that make me grow, that make me enjoy, that make me experience things or if you prefer at the end of the day for having experienced everything that has lived in the day, for having been able to do all the things that I have been able to do and in the end rest in a bed with your loved ones.


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