My favorite decades

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My favorite decades

I think my generation is the best, but I'm most likely wrong, because that depends on what you lived through; I am struggling between the 80s and 90s because in those decades my adolescence and youth passed, if you are like me who believes that as your generation is like no other, rethink it since the 80s and 90s were the most significant generations of the last century.

One can believe that Lady Gaga is eccentric perhaps you have seen little of the videos of people like Prince, Boy George and The cours; It was in the 80s that Michael Jackson made his mythical Moon Work and here in Latin America my parents danced with the musical group Las Chicas del Can, we listened to the music on cassette and I also had a walkman.

The 90s were the era of youth groups like NSYNC and BackStreet Boys, I listened to them all the time, also from the Nirvana Group that marked a whole generation, CDs appeared and we all had a DiskMan.

In the 80s TV I really enjoyed MacGyver and ALF the extraterrestrial, while the little ones had Sesame Street or el chavo del ocho, iconic and innocent series such as Married with Children and Saved by the Bell.

The 90s were dominated by Baywatch and The Prince of Rap, it was the decade in which the Sopranos and Friends began, my favorite series, the children enjoyed Power Rangers, Adventures in diapers and it was in the 90 that the Simpsons became popular here.

In the 80's we all had a View Master or a Rubik's cube at home, we all rode on four-wheel skates but in the 90's tetris was the predominant game.

In the 80s, many of the movie classics emerged such as the shining, ET and Indiana Jones, but it was also the years of the Gremlins, back to the future and the ghostbusters, I also remember Robocop, Terminator and Predator all great movies.

Pulp Fiction came out in the 90s, Forrest Gump, Pretty Woman and the silence of the innocents are other classics of this decade, as well as the Lion King, Toy Story, Jurassic, a golden age for cinema that closed with great hits like The Matrix and Titanic.

Definitely the decades of the 80s and 90s were full of color and rhythm, but there will also be other decades full of memories that will last forever in history and in our hearts.


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