Yay, I Found a New Running Path Right Near My House. Come Join Me on My Run :)

in GEMS4 years ago

It's a Greenway. I had no idea it was around near my house. I just found the trail head and parking lot yesterday.

Below is the trail Head. This is less than a mile from my house :)


Below is the start of the Greenway Path


Below, the greenway path meanders underneath a busy over pass which is pretty cool !


Below beautiful Cacti can be found along the greenway. This is indigenous to this area


Some Hills made it a challenging run, Below


....and more hills below ughhh !!!


Below got to my destination which was 1.8 miles from where I started. Now I turn back to go the other way ;)


A dried up creek bed and a hidden lake which was cool, below :)


Finally, made it back to the trail head. About 3.6 miles of running. Boy, am I sweaty and tired ;)



3.6 miles is a good distance in this weather 👍

Nice that it's not too crowded for most of the trail too.

Looks like a nice walking trail.. I gave up running for Lent..

Looks like a great train and a good distance to get some exercise in


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Yeah @tattoodjay it is a good distance for me

looks like e agreat adventure

It was pretty cool but nothing like some of your adventures 😉

Wow, that is pretty awesome. I love the nicely paved trails like this when you can find them. I bet you are going to get a ton of use out of this thing!

it looks like footstep path right

We just call it a greenway path @doyoy

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