W.W.S.D. ( What Would Steemians DO ) Young Boy Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull on Public Street

in GEMS4 years ago

Something New on Dtube and Now on GEMS...

I have started a new series that is a spin off of the ABC show ,What Would You Do (WWYD). Where a social situation arises (many times controversial) and people are asked how they would react in that social situation.

So as a Steemian what would you do in this particular scenario?

Sit and watch this out of control pit bull dog attack this poor little boy in the town street and do nothing , walk away and forget about it, or actually go over and try to help out this kid by swatting or hitting the dog as these individuals are trying to do ?

What Would I do ?

I am a pretty physical guy in the first place. And I have been in somewhat similar situations ( but nothing brutal like this) where I had to literally chase away a dog from attacking children. Normally blood curling screams would scare the dog away. But not in this case. Instead of swatting at it like the locals ,I would take out my pocket knife and slice the dog in the buttocks and groin area. I know that sounds brutal but we are potentially talking about a young boy's Life, If that didn't work I would quickly find an object that would knock out or kill the pit bull after hitting it STRAIGHT on top of the head.

Let's hear it guys , What Would Steemians Do here ??


Whoa that's crazy! I'd help by aiming for the nose but I'd also want more help around.

Dog bite like that can be deadly and justifies attacking the dog imo.

No question @charcoalbuffet that dog deserves to be put down.

Two ways I know to fuck a dog up.

The first, and least destructive, kick it very hard in the nose. Dogs have super sensitive noses.

The second, more brutal, but appropriate given what this dog is doing. Grab both front or back legs and pull them both left and right violently. Dogs legs aren't built to bend that way and it will snap em like twigs.

Of course the second method has a higher chance of you getting bitten and latched onto if you go for the front legs... Something you don't want with a pit bull's lock jaw.

There's a chance of the same issue with a nose kick, but it will stop the dog dead.

A kick to the balls would do it as well man... I think you've got the right idea.

I was attacked by a dog as a kid, and chased by a local feral many times. I've zero tolerance for badly trained violent dogs, and it's got me in trouble with obnoxious owners and police before now. I usually find if the dog is violent, the owner is too and it often comes to blows. But I refuse to watch someone being terrorised by a violent dog just because it's owner is a dickhead who doesn't know how to Train and look after an animal with love and care.

Great comment @raj808. I think kicking in the balls or nose are good deterrents. For sure

Yeah, you gotta try to save the kid. No other option.

Yeah @bozz one quick move to the neck area and that kid is a goner.

Yeah one quick move to
The neck area and that
Kid is a goner.

                 - robertandrew

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

why are they hitting that boy leg when a strong stick can be used to hit that dog body

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