The Similarities Between Corona Virus and the Tron/Sun Fiasco are Remarkable ??

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The Invaders

  1. Covid 19 started lashing out in China and Asia and parts of Europe just a couple of months ago. The way in which it has pervaded human Life has been insidious and unrelenting. It has infected tens of thousands of people and killing off thousands. It's a total cluster fuck. Now it has struck the US and people have been panicking to a degree which they have stockpiled large quantities of food, water, and other things like toiletries

  2. Justin Sun and Tron started lashing out at Steem shortly after buying Steemit Inc. last month. The way in which he has pervaded our block chain has been insidious and unrelenting. Putting in his own sock puppets as witnesses and abusing crypto exchanges by powering up steem that was not his.It's a total cluster fuck !! Now we have Steemians who have panicked and jumped ship powering down and selling off Steem left and right.

Community to the Rescue

  1. In places like Italy and the US it's amazing to see the Unity among its people come together. People who have basic different fundamental outlooks in Life all the sudden coming together to defeat the Invader a.k.a Covid 19. It so true that adversity makes us stronger and more unified as a people... which has been so evident in the last couple of weeks. Just in Italy we saw people coming out on their porches singing the national anthem among other songs. Quite touching.

  2. With Steem and it's Community it really is amazing to see the Unity of the people really come together. People who have bickered with one another and who have hated on one another ( @berniesanders comes to mind) have put aside their differences to stand up to the Invader a.k.a Justin Sun !! Not to sound cheesy but its quit touching and very promising to witness ( no pun intended)


  1. Luckily our President in the US has set up specific guidelines to kill off this Invader known as Covid 19 . Mainly consisting of social distancing and just being smart and staying home if at all possible.

  2. Block Trades has come up with a solution to kill off the Invader known as Justin Sun and Tron. He has a new Fork planned with a new Chain called Hive.It sounds exciting and could spell the demise of Invader Sun and the likes


In the end it will be the Community and Community alone which will kill Covid 19 and Justin Sun and Company. And its nothing short of amazing to see this all unfold.

Cheers to Hive and Cheers to a World free of pandemics,
Robert Andrew


Very interesting. You should be listening to the Steem Town Hall right now. It is starting to get very interesting.

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Lovely composing but you forget to add another thing. Both can kill also

I really hope with all my heart that hive will be the solution-

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