Finally some Freaking Toilet Paper for My Family :)

in GEMS4 years ago (edited)

When you have three females in your Family... well let's just say things like toiletries are very important :)
And toilet paper has been running pretty scarce in our household.

So here's the scoop : My oldest daughter called me on the road ( I was delivering groceries) and said that on the internet there was notification of a supply of toilet paper at the local Walmart.

So me being me I did not hesitant and scurried on over there. It wasn't Charmin but a generic brand .

Up to this point, toilet paper is toilet paper right. And we'll take anything we can get. So I got to Walmart brushing small beads of sweat from under my hat from rushing so hard , and I went to the back of the store to see way more than a few dozen of these generic brands left. So I grabbed a few !

BELOW... My youngest one with the recent acquired stash. Ought to last maybe a week or possibly two if we're lucky.


BELOW...This is just not any stash, it's the high end stuff...$.68 per 4 Roll ;)

IMG_1583 1.jpg

I am hoping people will calm down on the hoarding of toilet paper. It's getting ridiculous. I could have gotten dozens more of this generic brand, but then others would be on a shortage like we have been. So I bypassed the hoarding.

Anyway, I just hope my fellow Steenians are not having shortage problems on things like this and also food and water.
We all need to work together to make sure this is minimized and that people get what they need !!

God Bless,
Robert Andrew


That's some fancy TP right there

Only the best , Dave ;)

We went on lockdown in Feb. Took 2 weeks for food supply to get back to normal and 3 weeks for the toilet paper.

In a month things are almost back to normal.

Based out of Hong Kong these days. About a four hour train ride from where it started.

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Corona made the world learn the Indian style of greeting with Namaste. I have seen many posts where people have reported issues getting stocks of TP. May be the Indian style of using water to wash, is going to be a better alternative, in the worst case 😀

A good price for the TP. PEI is just starting lockdown because of the COVID-19. One woman brought it back from a cruise she was on.

I went into grocery store and the toilet paper shelf was vacant as people were stocking up. A big run on toilet paper and groceries. Luckily I have enough tp for a month if that’s how long this self- isolation is suppose to be.

My wife and I went to the local Sam's club last night. Luckily we don't need any of it yet, but there were zero paper towels or toilet paper's to be seen. The whole aisle was empty. In addition to that, the whole meat section was wiped clean. No beef, no pork, no seafood, no chicken. Nothing... If they would have had TP, we probably would have bought a pack, just to get us through, but since they didn't, we will have to make due for a while.

Toilet papers always female stuff and glad we only have one female in our house

Toilet papers made for females I guess

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