Figuring Out What to Do with My Backyard ??

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Corona Virus has been the main thing on all peoples' minds. With that comes self isolation, which my family and I have been practicing pretty much through the whole day ( since the past weekend)

This has giving me a chance to go outside and take a look at our backyard and take an "inventory" of what needs to be done with it.

Below is a concrete slab that up until about 4 months ago was used for a nice covered cabana. Storms tore it down so we completely got rid of it. I have my disc golf catcher but I really need to get a new covered cabana to go over it. It's really nice to sit out there with one.


Below That's an old antique wagon. Later in the spring I want to put some flowers in it to lighten things up.


Below the plan I have for that corner of the yard is to put an outside table and chair under those branches. A great place to sit and sip on some beer in a nice shaded place :)


Up against the wall of the house Below I would like to plant some small trees that would grow to medium height. Not sure what kind to get but will research it.


Our back porch Below needs to be totally replaced. Because of cost it will be the last thing I worry about ( it's really not as bad as this pic looks) . There is lots of potential here to make something special so I will take my time on this project



It takes money to revamp even a small portion of a house and the yard. Hopefully if the price of Steem/Hive increases some of these projects can become a reality.


The pandemic and self-isolating has got a lot of people wondering if they should do some projects around the house.

Sorry you lost your cabana. You really enjoyed it so that would be my number one project- to set up another one.

Yeah so true my lady. I enjoyed it immensely

Plant some trees..toilet paper trees are very profitable this year..

If only money, I mean toilet paper , grew on trees lol

Good luck improving your backyard that does not cost too much money. Even plants and shrubs with soil and mulch is pricey enough. We have to buy new herbs and veggies to replace the ones that died during the extreme summer heat we had.

Do they still do that show "Yard Crashers"? That is what you need. Just go to one of the home imporovement stores and wander around hoping someone comes up to you and asks if you have a project going on. They make some really sturdy pergola type things for a good price. Sam's Club has a cedar one that looks pretty cool. It is pricey though.

Well I hope both Steem and Hive do well so there's funds for all these projects sooner.

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