Elbow Strikes In Practice

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One of the most powerful strikes in a close range is the elbow strike. If you can do elbow strike properly, it can make some serious damage.

There are different ways you can do elbow strikes. Practice the basic elbow strikes first. As always, before starting your martial art training, do exercises and warm-up so that you are ready to practice.

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Because of some mistakes, you might not use elbow strike properly and end up getting hit. So you know that elbow strike is a powerful strike. Knowing that if you do elbow strike, but you are not in close range, you will not be able to hit your opponent.

On the flip side, if you get close to the attacker with a view to doing an elbow strike, you might get hit because you are very close. You need to maintain the distance in a fight. When you get close to the attacker while fighting, you can do elbow strikes.

If you are in a kicking range, you can kick, when you are in a punching range, you can punch. Then if you get more close, you can do elbow strikes. without understanding this, if you go for an elbow strike, you might get in trouble.

When you do elbow strike, do not lean forward. You think you will be able to hit if you lean forward. You might hit your opponent but that would not be a powerful strike. When you lean forward like this, you can be in a vulnerable position and the attacker can take advantage of it and make you off balance or hit you. Instead, you can step forward and do elbow strikes to hit.

You can practice elbow strikes with your training partner. Master Wong shows an elbow drill. You can follow this to practice. Let's watch this video. All video credit goes to Master Wong.


You can also use a punching bag to practice elbow strike. I like punching bag more. You can hit as hard as you can. Of course, take care of your partner while sparring.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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