Shopping during lockdown! || My Market Friday!

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It sounds crazy, no?

Why people would go shopping in this lockdown! Well, the simple answer can be, because the shopping malls are open. But the actual answer would be, people are ignorant about coronavirus.

One of our biggest religious festivals is knocking the door. Hopefully, it would be next Sunday. So, the government had to take the decision to open up some markets and shopping centers to run the economy and let people do emergency shopping. But in reality, people are doing every kind of shopping. Nobody cares anymore if they got infected or not!


The shopping centers are doing their best to protect people. There were many volunteers to ensure distancing. Also, they keep facilities to wash hands and disinfecting points at the entrance (first image). But we all know this is not enough!

Now, the question is why I was there then?

I didn't buy a single fancy thing for the upcoming festival. But I have to do grocery shopping. And as I have a toddler so I have to make sure of baby products and food products especially. There is a 'super shop' near this shopping center and I was actually there to have some baby products. Later, I thought as my wedding anniversary is coming on next 7th June so why not I buy a watch for my husband. Because he was looking for a good watch for a long time.



I went to the 'Time zone' which is just at the entry point of the mall. I had no idea the market would be so crowded. Though Time Zone was empty but they don't have some collection which I was looking for. So, I have to leave!




I had no idea that these many people can be in the shopping center. It was middle of the noon yet these much crowed. There were actually more people in the mall than you can see in photos. But the good thing is it's huge and that's why it didn't get that crowded.

We have to approve that sooner or later we have to go back to normal life. This doesn't depend on the Coronavirus anymore. Because we can't afford a frozen economy. But the thing is we should be more conscious about our protection.

I have seen many parents came with their children under 10 and they were not in any kind of protection. So, it's a threat and it clearly shows us how much we are neglecting the fact. More than 30000 people got affected and nearly 100 children caught the virus. I hope people become more conscious about personal protection and social distancing.


Much Love

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