Glimpse of 'Madhabpur lake' where mountains and water lives peacefully!

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Madhabpur lake is one of the peaceful places I've ever visited. The natural lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful greenery. Not just peaceful eyes but also you will find the true sanity of nature here.

I visited this place long ago, in 2011. These photos may not seem very attractive because it was taken with my old Samsung phone but the place is breathtaking for sure. I can remember, how I sit over the mountain for hours without any words. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing.

One of the major attractions is the Waterlilies of the lake.


You will get to see a lot of Waterlilies with different colors covering up the lake water. It was such a wonderful view!

And, the mountains...




Madhobpur Lake is located in the Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh. This place is owned by Madhabpur tea estate. So when you ride the mountains you will get to see tea cultivation. And because of the reflection of the greenery, the lake water looks green but fresh.

The small trees under the big ones are the 'Tea' plants!

The view never gets boring. You will probably get to see tea estate workers are picking up tea leaves and many other tourists. I would suggest you visit this place every early in the morning. Because at that time only a handful of tourists will be there and you can enjoy the sanity and calmness of this wonderful place.

The place is huge. You will see trees, mountains, and water as long as you can see. It's best to take your time, enjoy the beauty and relax!


Much Love

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